ProteinNCBI GeneIDClassSub classMotifLogo
TFAM 7019 TFHMG_box26
SOX13 9580 TFHMG_box11
HMG20A 10363 TFHMG_box4
SOX9 6662 TFHMG_box91
SOX5 6660 TFHMG_box52
TCF7 6932 TFHMG_box31
SOX10 6663 TFHMG_box2
HBP1 26959 TFHMG_box2
TOX2 84969 TFHMG_box2
SP100 6672 TFHMG_box1

We calculated the consensus sequences for the proteins with number of binding motifs between 3 and 29.
The proteins with more than 30 binding motifs are considered as either non specific or binding to T7 promoter