ProteinNCBI GeneIDClassSub classMotifLogo
CPSF4 10898 TFzf-CCHC19
SF1 7536 TFzf-CCHC3
ZCCHC14 23174 TFzf-CCHC3
LIN28 79727 TFzf-CCHC201
ZCRB1 85437 TFzf-CCHC174
CNBP 7555 TFzf-CCHC149
ZCCHC9 84240 TFzf-CCHC84
ZCCHC13 389874 TFzf-CCHC53
ZCCHC8 55596 TFzf-CCHC2
ZCCHC3 85364 TFzf-CCHC2
ZCCHC7 84186 TFzf-CCHC1
RBM4B 83759 TFzf-CCHC1

We calculated the consensus sequences for the proteins with number of binding motifs between 3 and 29.
The proteins with more than 30 binding motifs are considered as either non specific or binding to T7 promoter