ProteinNCBI GeneIDClassSub classMotifLogo
CREB1 1385 TFbZIP_229
JDP2 122953 TFbZIP_217
NFIL3 4783 TFbZIP_25
CEBPG 1054 TFbZIP_25
CREB3L1 90993 TFbZIP_23
FOSL1 8061 TFbZIP_23
CREB5 9586 TFbZIP_242
BATF 10538 TFbZIP_21
ATF7 11016 TFbZIP_21
CEBPE 1053 TFbZIP_21

We calculated the consensus sequences for the proteins with number of binding motifs between 3 and 29.
The proteins with more than 30 binding motifs are considered as either non specific or binding to T7 promoter