ProteinNCBI GeneIDClassSub classMotifLogo
SNAPC4 6621 TFMyb6
RCOR3 55758 TFMyb90
TERF1 7013 TFMyb83
SMARCC2 6601 TFMyb52
C14orf106 55320 TFMyb30
TADA2L 6871 TFMyb2
RCOR1 23186 TFMyb1
MIER2 54531 TFMyb1
SMARCC1 6599 TFMyb1
DMTF1 9988 TFMyb1

We calculated the consensus sequences for the proteins with number of binding motifs between 3 and 29.
The proteins with more than 30 binding motifs are considered as either non specific or binding to T7 promoter